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Sweden Bike Sharing Market To Reach USD 24.49 Million By Year 2030

The Sweden Bike Sharing market size was valued at $14.73 million in 2022, and is projected to reach $ 24.49 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 6.56% from 2022 to 2030.

Swati Kalagate
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Pristine Intelligence LLP

According to a new report published by Pristine Intelligence, titled, “Sweden Bike Sharing Market by Application and Packaging Type: Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2022–2030,” the Sweden Bike Sharing market size was valued at $14.73 million in 2022, and is projected to reach $ 24.49 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 6.56% from 2022 to 2030. Bike sharing services are gaining popularity in major Swedish cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö due to their convenience, location, and docking stations. Sweden's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship has driven demand for eco-friendly options. Bike sharing also plays a significant role in Sweden's tourism industry, offering tourists a unique way to explore the country's scenic landscapes and cultural attractions.    

According to the Sweden Bike Sharing market analysis, the market is divided by The Bike Sharing Market is segmented into Bike Type, Sharing System, and User Type. By Bike Type, the market is categorized into Traditional Bike and E-bike. By Sharing System, the market is categorized into Docked and Dockless. By User Type, the market is categorized into Tourists, and Visitors, and Regular Commuters.

Bike sharing is gaining popularity as a low-impact leisure activity due to its health benefits and accessibility. It offers flexible rental options, aligns with eco-friendly values, and is affordable, making it accessible to both locals and tourists. It also promotes a greener lifestyle.  

New bike sharing models within a country offer opportunities to differentiate companies in the competitive market, cater to varying transportation and mobility needs, and expand the reach of services. By focusing on user experience enhancements, advanced bike designs, mobile apps, integrated payment systems, and IoT-enabled technologies, companies can attract and retain customers, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Sweden Bike Sharing Market, Segmentation

Bike Sharing market is segmented into the Bike Type, Sharing System, User Type, and Country

Sharing System:

The dockless segment dominates the Sweden Bike Sharing market, holding the largest share due to its convenience and flexibility. Unlike docked systems that require designated stations for bike pickup and return, dockless systems allow users to locate and unlock bikes using a mobile app anywhere within the service area. This freedom of access appeals to riders seeking spontaneous, point-to-point transportation without the constraints of fixed docking stations, dockless systems often integrate features like GPS tracking and digital payment, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. As a result, the dockless segment has gained significant traction, capturing the majority of market share in Sweden's dynamic bike-sharing landscape.

Bike Type:

E-bike segment is Anticipated to Dominate the Market Over the Forecast Period. The bike sharing market in Sweden is undergoing significant transformation, with electric bikes (E-bikes) becoming popular among users. E-bikes offer motorized assistance, making them a preferred choice for both regular cyclists and those hesitant to adopt traditional bikes. The advantages of electric motors over conventional bikes include the ability to cover longer distances and tackle challenging terrains with ease. This accessibility appeals to commuters, tourists, and individuals with physical limitations. E-bikes are also reshaping urban commuting patterns, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to cars and public transport for short-distance trips in congested areas.


The bike-sharing market in Sweden has been steadily growing and evolving over the years. As a country known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, bike sharing aligns perfectly with Sweden's vision for eco-friendly transportation options. The market is concentrated in major cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, where the urban population seeks efficient and convenient ways to navigate through the city streets. With a well-developed cycling infrastructure and favorable government policies, Sweden provides an ideal environment for bike sharing services to flourish. Sweden boasts a well-developed cycling infrastructure, with dedicated bike lanes and bike racks available in many cities. The availability of proper infrastructure encourages people to use bikes and supports the growth of bike-sharing services.

Some of The Leading/Active Market Players Are-

    • Helbiz (Italy)
    • Green Bike Sweden (Sweden)
    • Nextbike (Germany)
    • Lime (US)
    • Mobike (China)
    • PBSC (BIXI) (Canada)
    • Vaimoo (Italy)
    • Bycyklen (Denmark)
    • Smoove (France)
    • City Bikes (Sweden), and Other Major Players

 Key Industry Developments

    • In July 2023, the Beryl Bikes by Breeze scheme expanded its services in the Solent region, offering more bikes in additional locations. This expansion aimed to provide greater accessibility to rental bikes, making it easier for residents to travel in a greener and healthier way across the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton.
    • In July 2023, voi announced an exciting global partnership with Flare, the leading provider of mobility safety intelligence. This collaboration aimed to enhance Voi's micromobility safety standards and rider experience by integrating Flare's advanced incident detection technology into Voi's rental platform. The technical solutions from Flare were designed to ensure the safety of all of Voi's 7+ million riders worldwide.

Key Findings of the Study 

    • The dockless segment holds the largest share of the market, fueled by its convenience and flexibility for users.   
    • The European region, including Sweden, maintains a leading position in the global bike-sharing market.
    • North America and Asia-Pacific regions collectively hold a substantial share of the global bike-sharing market.
    • Sweden's bike-sharing market reflects broader European trends, with a focus on sustainable urban mobility solutions.
    • Asia-Pacific's contribution underscores the region's rapid urbanization and emphasis on eco-friendly transportation alternatives.
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