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Mango Puree Market To Reach USD 3118.84 Million By Year 2032

Global Mango Puree market size was valued at USD 1682.24 Million in 2023, and is projected to reach USD 3118.84 Million by 2032, registering a CAGR of 7.1% from 2024 to 2032.

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Pristine Intelligence LLP

According to a new report published by Pristine Intelligence LLP, titled, “Mango Puree Market Mango Type, Nature, Application, Packaging Type, and Distribution Channel: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2024–2032,” the Global Mango Puree market size was valued at USD 1682.24 Million in 2023, and is projected to reach USD 3118.84 Million by 2032, registering a CAGR of 7.1% from 2024 to 2032. Mango Puree is a concentrated paste made from ripe mangoes that is smooth, thick, and used as a base ingredient in a variety of culinary uses, such as desserts, sauces, beverages, or as a flavor enhancer in dishes. The puree maintains the sweet and tangy flavor of mangoes.

Mango puree is flexible, utilized in desserts such as smoothies and shakes for its inherent sweetness and tropical taste. It can be added to salad dressings, marinades, or used as a dip. Vitamins and fiber are provided in infant nutrition. It improves jams, jellies, and pastries in the food sector. Furthermore, mango puree can also be used as a foundation for curries or salsas, harmonizing spice with its distinctive flavor profile.

Mango puree is a flexible component that brings a fresh, fruity taste to drinks while offering natural vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. It has the potential to be utilized in a variety of beverages such as smoothies, milkshakes, juices, beers, and ciders, catering to consumers' desire for natural and nutritious products. Its convenience means you don't have to find, peel, or prepare fresh mangoes, making it a cost-effective and time-saving method to add fresh mango flavor to drinks.

The quality of mango puree depends on the type of mango, how ripe it is, and the conditions in which it was grown. The quality is also influenced by how the harvest, transportation, and processing are done. Exposure to light, air, and moisture can diminish both the flavor and nutrients in packaged puree. Quality can be reduced by processing at high temperatures. Sealed packaging is necessary in order to prevent contamination.

Because of its natural and nutritious characteristics, mango puree is now a common substitute for artificial flavorings and sweeteners in different food items. Its flexibility enables it to serve a broad audience, satisfying the increasing need for healthy and wholesome food choices. The rising demand for nutritious and top-notch components has resulted in mango puree becoming the predominant choice in the food sector, enhancing the worth and health benefits of upscale food items.

Global Mango Puree Market, Segmentation

The Mango Puree market is segmented based on Mango Type, Nature, Application, Packaging Type, Distribution Channel, and region.


As individuals become increasingly mindful of their health and the environment, there is a growing demand for organic products. Organic mango puree, produced without artificial chemicals, is considered a better choice for health and sustainability, offering improved nutritional benefits.

Traditional farming methods are utilized to create organic mango puree in order to improve the quality and flavor of the fruit. Government regulations guarantee the genuineness and high quality of products, creating consumer confidence and boosting the popularity of organic items.


Mango puree is a commonly chosen option for adding a refreshing and tropical taste to drinks. As the desire for healthier options to sugary beverages increases, mango puree offers a nutritious and natural alternative. Beverage producers can utilize it in juices, smoothies, cocktails, and other products to develop a wide range of innovative options that meet different consumer tastes and market demands.

Mango is a popular choice in drinks due to its tropical flavor and the health advantages it offers, such as antioxidants and vitamins. Mango puree guarantees a steady supply throughout the year, maintaining a constant mango taste in beverages and securing its prominent position in the market for beverage producers.


India is the top producer of mangoes worldwide, taking advantage of perfect weather conditions. The demand for mango-based products in the Asia Pacific region is high because of its extensive consumer base. The mango puree market is driven by the region's robust food processing industry, with a particular focus on India and Thailand. Countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as India and China, export mango puree worldwide, generating substantial income.

Some of The Active Market Players Are-

  • Döhler GmbH (Germany)
  • SUPERIOR FOODS INC. (UNITED STATES), and Other Active Players.

Key Industry Developments

  • March 2024: Pinkberry launched New Mango Lemonade Frozen Yogurt in two new crushed teas to the menu -Passion Mango and Watermelon. Passion Mango is made with cold brew black tea, passion fruit and mango-flavored syrups, fresh mango pieces, and ice.
  • March 2024: Wendy’s launched a Mango Tajin Frosty. This drink is essentially a vanilla Frosty with Mango puree drizzled around the cup and on top of the drink. To make it even more special though, it is then sprinkled with Tajin to give it a chili lime kick.

Key Findings of the Study 

  • Consumer demand shifts to natural, healthy foods, driving mango puree popularity in beverage industry.   
  • Global demand for natural and healthy food is rising due to consumer preferences, boosting the popularity of mango puree.
  • Consumers increasingly prefer organic products for health and environmental reasons, leading to a rise in demand for organic mango puree.
  • India leads global mango production and exports, with over 45% of the market share. Favorable climatic conditions and a large agricultural landscape support mango cultivation, ensuring a reliable supply of raw materials.
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