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Italy Industrial Valve Market To Reach USD 12.87 Billion By Year 2030

The Italy Industrial Valve market size was valued at $ 9.79 billion in 2022, and is projected to reach $ 12.87 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 3.48% from 2022 to 2030.

Swati Kalagate
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According to a new report published by Introspective Market Research, titled, “Italy Industrial Valve Market by Application and Packaging Type: Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2022–2030,” the Italy Industrial Valve market size was valued at $ 9.79 billion in 2022, and is projected to reach $ 12.87 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 3.48% from 2022 to 2030. Italy's Industrial Valve Market is vital for its economy, with its process industry relying on valves for fluid flow regulation and safety. The market is competitive, with domestic and international manufacturers striving to meet demand. Italy's strong engineering and technological expertise contribute to high-class valve products. The country's strategic location as a gateway to Europe offers opportunities for exporting valves to neighboring countries. With modernization and infrastructure upgrades, the market is poised for continued growth.    

According to the Italy Industrial Valve market analysis, the market is divided by Type, Material, Size, Application, and Function. By Type, the market is categorized into Ball, Globe, Gate, Butterfly, Plug, and Check. By Material, the market is categorized into Steel, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, and Plastic. By Size, the market is categorized into < 1”, 1”–6”, 6”–25”, 25”–50”, and> 50”. By Application, the market is categorized into Oil & Gas, Power, Energy, Chemical, Water & Waste Treatment. By Function, the market is categorized into On/Off, Control, Isolation, and Special Purpose.

Italy's strategic location as a gateway to Europe offers a significant export opportunity for its Industrial Valve Market. With excellent connections and access to neighboring countries, Italian valve manufacturers can effectively distribute their products to European markets, contributing to market growth. Italy's competitive transport and logistics options make it an attractive choice for international buyers. The European Union's open trade policies and agreements further improve the export process, reducing barriers and promoting the image of Italian valve products.  

Italy's infrastructure investment is boosting the industrial valves market, particularly in water and sewage supply, energy, and construction. Valves are crucial for regulating liquid and gas flow in these projects, ensuring efficient and safe operation. Modernizing transport networks will also use valves in road, bridge, and tunnel construction, promoting domestic market growth and allowing valve manufacturers to expand into international markets.

 Italy Industrial Valve Market, Segmentation

The Italy Industrial Valve market is segmented based on Type, Material, Size, Application, Function, and Region.

Application Type:

Italy's Industrial Valve Market is expected to dominate the energy segment, supporting the country's diverse energy infrastructure. Industrial valves are essential components in exploration, extraction, refining, and transportation, regulating oil and natural gas flow in pipelines, storage facilities, refineries, and petrochemical plants. Italy's focus on renewable energy development has led to increased demand for industrial valves in solar, wind, and hydropower projects, controlling cooling systems, regulating water flow, and directing steam and gases.


The On/off segment is anticipated to show the fastest growth in Italy's Industrial Valve Market. The On/off segment is due to automation, technological advancements, energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, and digitalization. The demand for reliable, durable, and efficient valves is driving manufacturers to integrate smart actuators, remote control capabilities, and real-time monitoring sensors. The growing focus on energy conservation and sustainability, coupled with stringent regulatory standards, is driving valve system upgrades. The adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies is also driving demand for smart on/off valves.


Emilia-Romagna, Italy, is predicted to dominate the Industrial Valve Market due to its thriving manufacturing and engineering sectors. The region's industries, including automotive, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, rely heavily on industrial valves for fluid control and regulation. The region's strategic location and efficient transport networks make it an attractive hub for valve manufacturers and suppliers, contributing to the development of innovative valve solutions for various industries.

Some of The Leading/Active Market Players Are-

    • Valvitalia Group (Italy)
    • PetrolValves (Italy)
    • Perar SPA (Italy)
    • OMB Valves (Italy)
    • Galli&Cassina (Italy)
    • Metalvalves SRL (Italy)
    • PIBIVIESSE (Italy)
    • Firsa SPA (Italy)
    • lli Valv. Iseo (Italy)
    • Tecnoimpianti (Italy), and Other Active Players

Key Industry Developments

In March 2021, PetrolValves Group and trusted EPCC solution provider Sirio Solutions Engineering joined forces for an exciting partnership. Based on its expertise in turbomachinery control systems, Sirio Solutions Engineering has developed innovative solutions for the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, and power generation sectors. With the new collaboration, both companies are trying to further develop their expertise and offer customers advanced solutions. This strategic partnership promises to bring added value and comprehensive services to the industries it serves.

Key Findings of the Study 

    • By energy segment packaging held the major share in the market accounting near 55% of the total Italy Industrial Valve market.   
    • The European region continues to lead the Italy Industrial Valve Market, maintaining a prominent market share and overall industry influence.
    • In addition to Europe's leadership, North America and Asia-Pacific together account for more than half of the total market share as of 2022.  
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