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Europe Bike Sharing Market To Reach USD 3541.11 Million By Year 2030

Europe Bike Sharing Market Size Was Valued at USD 2,433.60 Million in 2022, and is Projected to Reach USD 3541.11 Million by 2030, Growing at a CAGR of 4.80% From 2023-2030.

Swati Kalagate
Pristine Intelligence LLP

Market Overview:

Europe Bike Sharing Market Size Was Valued at USD 2,433.60 Million in 2022, and is Projected to Reach USD 3541.11 Million by 2030, Growing at a CAGR of 4.80% From 2023-2030.

Bicycle sharing, often known as bike rental or sharing, provides a short-term bicycle rental service as well as a means of mobility. A city or region's worth of self-service kiosks or stations power this system. People can hire bikes for different lengths of time, typically a few minutes to several hours, and pay with memberships, apps, or specific stations. Bike sharing serves as a flexible transportation mode for short commutes, allowing users to navigate through city streets quickly and efficiently. It provides an alternative to cars, reducing traffic congestion and promoting a healthier lifestyle by encouraging physical activity. Commuters use bike sharing for short trips between transit stops, to reach destinations not easily accessible by public transport, or simply for leisurely rides. The widespread adoption of bike sharing brings numerous benefits. It contributes to reducing carbon emissions, aiding in environmental conservation, and promoting eco-friendly transportation. By alleviating traffic congestion, bike sharing helps cities optimize their transportation infrastructure and reduce the strain on existing transit systems. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community and promotes a healthier lifestyle by encouraging outdoor activities and exercise.

Top Key Players Covered in The Bike-Sharing Market:

·    Pony Bike

·       YObykes

·       Bleeper Active

·       Cloudbike

·       Rekola Bikesharing s.r.o

·       Donkey Republic

·       Moventia

·       Nextbike

·       PBSC

·       Ride On

·       Smoove

·       Tier

·       Voi Technology

·       Swapfiets

·       Ofo

·       Cityscoot

·       GO Sharing, and Other Major Players

Market Dynamics and Factors:           

The rapid pace of urbanization, accompanied by a heightened awareness of environmental issues, has triggered a significant shift towards sustainable transportation options, fueling remarkable growth in the bike-sharing market across Europe. Cities throughout the continent are experiencing a surging interest in eco-friendly and health-conscious commuting choices, steering people away from traditional modes of transportation towards more sustainable alternatives. This change is driven by a collective understanding of the environmental impact of excessive carbon emissions and the urgent need to address climate change. Urban areas are grappling with problems like traffic congestion and air pollution, compelling both authorities and citizens to actively seek out greener transportation solutions. Bike sharing has emerged as a practical and effective response to these challenges, providing a cost-efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to travel within cities. European bike-sharing market is experiencing rapid growth and sees a significant opportunity in integrating with public transportation systems. This integration aims to create smooth and convenient travel experiences for commuters, bridging the gap between different modes of transportation and solving the challenge of last-mile connectivity prevalent in urban areas. Intertwining bike-sharing services with existing public transit networks presents an innovative solution for European cities. This approach offers commuters a comprehensive and interconnected mobility experience, allowing them to seamlessly switch between buses, trains, subways, and bicycles. By doing so, commuters can efficiently cover short distances, complementing their larger transit journeys.

The Bike Sharing Market Report Highlight:

·       By Type, E-bikes have surged in popularity and dominance across Europe for several compelling reasons. Firstly, their convenience and user-friendly nature have broadened their appeal. With pedal-assist features, they mitigate the physical exertion required for cycling uphill or covering longer distances, catering to a diverse demographic, including older individuals and those with physical limitations. This accessibility has significantly expanded the e-bike user base.

·       By Model, the station-based sector is expected to drive the growth of the bike-sharing market. Station-based models remain predominant in the European market for various compelling reasons. Firstly, their established infrastructure plays a pivotal role. These systems feature a well-developed network of docking stations strategically positioned across cities, enhancing accessibility and user familiarity.

·       By Region, The Western Europe region is anticipated to have the highest share of the bike-sharing market over the forecasted period, in big cities across Germany and the United Kingdom, there are well-established bike-sharing systems. These systems, like Deutsche Bahn's Call a Bike in Germany and Santander Cycles in the UK, are already popular among users.

Key Industry Development:

In March 2023, Nextbike by TIER, announced that it has won the tenders to operate its bike-sharing systems in Santander, Arteixo, and the Bizkaia (Biscay) region, following the launch of four new systems in Spain at the start of 2023, with three more systems to be brought online in the summer. The BIZKAIBIZI service for the entire Bizkaia region around the city of Bilbao will include 600 e-bikes, and will complement the existing Bilbaobizi system, while also providing eight additional cities with access to sustainable, personal mobility. Comprising of 60 stations, the system will connect about 750,000 people to the bike-sharing service. In addition to e-bikes, trikes will also be integrated into the service – a special feature of the tender, with the aim of making the system more accessible.

In February 2023, The National Cycling Plan represents the German government's effort to promote cycling and drive the expansion of the bike-sharing market in Germany. It encompasses principles, key areas of focus, and precise targets that the federal government, state administrations, local authorities, and other stakeholders aim to achieve within their respective domains. All objectives and strategies outlined in NRVP 3.0 were developed collaboratively with input from expert associations, and government representatives at various levels, and were influenced by feedback obtained from an online survey conducted among the general public.

The Bike-Sharing Market Segmentation:

By Type

·       Traditional Bike

·       E-bike

By Sharing Type

·       Docked

·       Dockless

·       Hybrid

By Model

·       Free-floating

·       P2P

·       Station based

For this report, Introspective Market Research has segmented the Bike Sharing Market based on region:

Regional Outlook (Revenue in USD Million; Volume in Units, 2023-2030)

North America

o   The U.S.

o   Canada

o   Mexico

 Eastern Europe

o   Russia

o   Bulgaria

o   The Czech Republic

o   Hungary

o   Poland

o   Romania

o   Rest of Eastern Europe

Western Europe

o   Germany

o   UK

o   France

o   Netherlands

o   Italy

o   Spain

o   Rest of Western Europe

Asia Pacific

o   China

o   India

o   Japan

o   Singapore

o   Australia

o   New-Zealand

o   Rest of APAC

Middle East & Africa

o   Turkey

o   Saudi Arabia

o   Qatar

o   UAE

o   Israel

o   South Africa

South America

o   Brazil

o   Argentina

o   Rest of SA

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