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Cleaning Services Market To Reach USD 718.33 Billion By Year 2032

The Cleaning Services Market Size Was Valued at USD 395.02 Billion in 2023, and is Projected to Reach USD 718.33 Billion by 2032, Growing at a CAGR of 6.87% From 2024-2032.

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Pristine Intelligence LLP

According to a new report published by Pristine Intelligence, titled, “Cleaning Services Market by Type, end-users: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2024–2032,” the Cleaning Services Market Size Was Valued at USD 395.02 Billion in 2023, and is Projected to Reach USD 718.33 Billion by 2032, Growing at a CAGR of 6.87% From 2024-2032. Cleaning services are necessary to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of both residential and commercial premises by effectively removing dirt, grime, pathogens and other unwanted substances. These household services help maintain cleanliness and sanitation, improve living conditions and minimize health risks for residents. Professional cleaners use special tools and cleaning products to clean different surfaces and areas such as floors, carpets, kitchens and bathrooms. Following strict cleaning practices, they remove visible dirt as well as disinfect surfaces, reducing the spread of bacteria and creating a healthier living space for residents.

In business life, cleaning services are necessary to maintain the cleanliness of office buildings, hospitals, factories, retail stores and other work environments. Keeping the environment clean is important both from the point of view of appearance and the well-being and efficiency of employees. Creating custom cleaning schedules based on the unique requirements of each business helps reduce the accumulation of dust, allergens and pathogens that can affect air quality and cause respiratory problems. Strict cleaning and sanitation procedures in the business premises adhere to industry guidelines and standards, ensuring compliance and safety for employees and guests.

According to The Cleaning Services Market is segmented into Type, End User, and region. By Type, the market is categorized into Window Cleaning, Floor Care & Vacuuming, and Others. By End User, the market is categorized into Residential and commercial. By region, it is analyzed across North America (U.S.; Canada; Mexico), Eastern Europe (Bulgaria; The Czech Republic; Hungary; Poland; Romania; Rest of Eastern Europe), Western Europe (Germany; UK; France; Netherlands; Italy; Russia; Spain; Rest of Western Europe), Asia-Pacific (China; India; Japan; Southeast Asia, etc.), South America (Brazil; Argentina, etc.), Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia; South Africa, etc.).

The cleaning services sector is growing significantly due to the rapid adoption of the latest technologies. Breakthroughs such as cordless vacuum cleaners, automatic floor cleaners, and washer-dryers have revolutionized cleaning processes, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual labor. These machines can be programmed to operate with less human input, improving efficiency and reducing manual labor. Robotic solutions such as autonomous sweepers have made cleaning processes more efficient by efficiently performing repetitive tasks, allowing cleaning crews to focus on more specific and complex cleaning needs. The introduction of smart technical solutions is also helping to increase market growth. Advanced contactless dispensers that can monitor hygiene requirements in real time are an important step in managing the cleanliness of premises.

The global real estate industry is growing significantly due to the combination of several factors that emphasize its important role in economic growth. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the industry has four main sub-categories: commercial, retail, residential, and hospitality. All these smaller industries are expected to benefit from rising disposable income, growing population, and rising consumer spending, especially in residential and commercial real estate. Urbanization trends and a growing middle-class population in various regions have increased the demand for real estate in recent years. This population shift has increased the demand for new housing, fueled by rising incomes and hopes for an improved quality of life.

Global Cleaning Services Market, Segmentation

The Cleaning Services market is segmented based on type, end-users, and region.


The type segment is further classified into Window Cleaning, Floor Care & Vacuuming, and Others. Among these, the Floor Care & Vacuuming sub-segment accounted for the highest market share in 2023. The floor care and vacuum cleaner industry has established a strong position in the cleaning service industry, supported by increased investment in domestic and commercial cleanliness and hygiene. Floors, the most commonly used surfaces in homes and workplaces, play a vital role in creating a healthy and inviting atmosphere. Emphasis on cleanliness and maintenance is now more important than ever, not only for appearance but also for passenger safety and health. The need for general maintenance and vacuum services in residential areas has increased. Homeowners are paying even more attention to the maintenance of their living spaces and realizing the great impact that clean floors have on overall comfort and hygiene.

End User:

The End User segment is further classified into Residential and Commercial. Among these, the Commercial sub-segment is anticipated to show the fastest growth by 2032. The commercial segment is poised to dominate the global cleaning services market as the need for professional maintenance in large work environments is necessary to ensure safety and hygiene. These facilities include office spaces, retail stores, hospitals, and more where maintaining pristine conditions is a priority. Advances in commercial cleaning technologies, particularly through automation, have greatly increased efficiency in these areas. Automated solutions simplify cleaning processes and  improve overall efficiency in solving various cleaning challenges. This technological development has helped raise the standard of commercial premises, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment that increases productivity and customer satisfaction. The increase in demand for professional cleaning services for commercial premises highlights the growing awareness of hygiene standards and the importance of maintaining a sanitized workplace.


The Cleaning Services market in North America is projected to show the fastest growth by 2032. North America leads the global market for green business solutions due to significant adoption of eco-friendly cleaning products. This increase is supported by a growing preference for sustainable practices in commercial environments, where products such as eco-friendly glass cleaners, detergents and other cleaning solutions play a key role. Certified by renowned organizations such as Green Seal, these products ensure that they are eco-friendly and adhere to strict environmental standards. The widespread adoption of green commercial cleaning solutions in North America reflects a broader trend toward sustainability in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of commercial spaces. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of reducing their environmental footprints while meeting strict regulatory requirements.

Some of The Leading/Active Market Players Are-

  • ABM Industries Inc. (U.S.)
  • The ServiceMaster Company, LLC (U.S.)
  • CleanNet USA, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Anago Cleaning Systems (U.S.)
  • Jani-King International, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Deep Cleaners (India)
  • Pritchard Industries (U.S.)
  • TemcoUK Facility Services Limited (U.K.)
  • Stanley Steemer International, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Duraclean Corporation (U.S.) and Other Active Players

Key Industry Developments

  • In October 2023, Principle Cleaning Services partnered with Skyline Robotics to bring autonomous window-cleaning robots to London. The partnership will help complete the window cleaning up to three times faster than humans, and it will be a more effective alternative to humans.
  • In September 2023, United Global, specializing in providing commercial services for cleaning in Western Australia, partnered with Perth Glory. The partnership will help the company in enhancing its business in Australia.

Key Findings of the Study 

  • The cleaning services market was valued at USD 395.02 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 718.33 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 6.87% from 2024 to 2032. This growth is driven by increasing awareness of hygiene, rising disposable incomes, and advancements in cleaning technologies.
  • The market is segmented by type into categories such as Window Cleaning, Floor Care & Vacuuming, and others. Floor Care & Vacuuming accounted for the highest market share in 2023, driven by the demand for cleanliness in residential and commercial spaces.
  • Commercial cleaning services are expected to show the fastest growth by 2032, driven by the need for professional maintenance in large work environments like offices, hospitals, and retail stores. Automation in cleaning processes is enhancing efficiency and hygiene standards.
  • North America is projected to lead in market growth by 2032, particularly due to the widespread adoption of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The region's emphasis on sustainability and regulatory compliance supports the demand for green commercial cleaning products.
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