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The global recession is having a major impact on people's lives. Artificial intelligence has contributed significantly to social and economic transformation. More recently, however, the situation in the AI ​​space has not been promising enough, as there have been quite a few job cuts. But here's the good news. Even with such a massive layoff in the tech industry, some companies are still hiring. In this article, we explore the top 10 AI companies hiring amid large tech layoffs.

Docugami, Inc.

Docugami is a recognized Seattle-area document engineering startup that aims to transform the unique document business processes of individual companies. Ultimately, this increases efficiency for frontline users and gives COOs better compliance and insight. Hire PhD/MS students and talented machine learning developers. This startup is hiring very aggressively these days.


This international payment company is known for sending money internationally using digital channels, including mobile phones. Of particular note is the fact that Remitly's digital products are inherently faster, cheaper and far more convenient for customers to transfer money across borders. The company has several open positions in various areas such as engineering, marketing and operations.


Amazon was very clear about its goals. A customer obsession, a passion for invention, a commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking, rather than a competitor-focused focus. Amazon also offers many opportunities to develop technology, invent products, and deliver life-changing services.

WellSaid Lab

The company has made a name for itself by developing cutting-edge text-to-speech technology that creates lifelike synthesized speech from real human voices. What helped them get their attention is a patent-pending technology that can reproduce any voice imaginable to produce speech with the same pitch, intonation, and intonation as the source speaker. The experience is - as if they had spoken. If you're looking for a job specifically focused on artificial intelligence, you've come to the right place.


Sequretek is a cybersecurity company that has gained popularity by enabling businesses to focus on their core goals instead of worrying about cyberattacks. Cyberattacks can be quite problematic, but Sequretek has nothing to worry about. This startup uses AI for most tasks to increase productivity and reduce costs. This AI company has vacancies you can't miss. Code.org
This US-based non-profit organization is serious about expanding participation in computing. Organizations go to great lengths to make it possible for everyone to code well. There are many AI roles to explore.

Give InKind

The mission of this AI company is very clear. It's about making it easier to give and receive support during difficult times. Additionally, the company enables friends, family and communities to come together to provide meaningful help when it's needed most. You can take advantage of the vast career opportunities available here and try them out.

Pristine Intelligence LLP

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