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Want to learn a blockchain course? Here is the list of the best blockchain courses for 2023

Understanding blockchain helps us better understand developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems. Many blockchain courses online only cover the basics of blockchain technology: ideas, use cases, processes, and future possibilities. Career paths and certifications can help you become a developer or analyst, but it takes time. These blockchain courses require solid Python, JavaScript, SQL, and STEM skills as prerequisites. Here is a list of the best blockchain courses offered by top institutions.

Kerala's Blockchain Academy

The Certified Blockchain Associate (CBA) is the flagship certification program of the Kerala Blockchain Academy, aimed at providing fundamental knowledge about the most disruptive technology since the internet: blockchain. This blockchain technology course covers all the essentials of blockchain technology and its use cases in the industry. It provides a 30-hour overview of various blockchain frameworks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Corda DLT, Hyperledger, and perspectives of blockchain technology.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

KAIST offers a variety of courses related to blockchain and crypto, including: B. “Cryptography and cryptocurrencies.” College students have been at the forefront of Korean blockchain research for years. In 2018 he had two postgraduate papers and he won 1st place in Crypto Contest Korea. One of the two was honored at the same event last year.

Manchester Metropolitan University

This course combines ManchesterMet's expertise in finance, computing, risk and behavioral science to explore the disruptive nature of Fintech. We consider how this is affecting consumer and business behavior and how regulators need to adapt to deal with new technology.

Pristine Intelligence LLP

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