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Increasing number of institutions offering blockchain courses

Check Out These Top Institutions Offering Blockchain Courses

The structure of blockchain technology is decentralized. The three main technologies are cryptographic keys, peer-to-peer networks that distribute ledgers, and computing methods that work together as a global database. Blockchain technology seems to be developing rapidly, but positions such as Blockchain Developer, Blockchain UX Designer, and Blockchain Legal Advisor are in high demand. Successful careers aren't the only items on this list, though. Take a look at the top institutions offering blockchain courses.

Northeastern University

The Graduate Certificate in Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering addresses the rapidly growing and innovative field of distributed ledger technology (blockchain). Companies across industries are preparing to improve their business practices through cryptocurrencies, distributed computing, digital security, smart contracts, and more.

Oxford university

This program provides an opportunity to drive innovation in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Leveraging the expertise of Oxford University faculty and industry leaders, the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program provides an understanding of this transformative technology. Designed specifically for busy executives, it provides knowledgeable and relevant content and frameworks to help participants integrate blockchain technology into their business strategies in a sustainable and inclusive way. Helpful.

Peking University

 Peking University now brings its academic credentials to blockchain research. Frontiers in Blockchain Research Lab will be established at Peking University in 2020 with the aim of guiding the efforts of academics from institutions at the forefront of blockchain and cryptography research. Projects carried out by the lab include “preventing the spread of spam transactions on blockchains through reputation” and “efficient permissioned blockchains with verifiable reputation mechanisms”.

Technical University of Catalonia

This course will give you the knowledge to master world-changing technologies and implement new business models based on distributed systems. This course covers the basics of blockchain technology and the most important practical implementations of this first stage. In the second phase, courses are taught by different professors who offer different perspectives on different aspects of blockchain technology.

Princeton University

 This course will teach you what you know about Bitcoin and how it works on a technical level. This course covers the basics of Bitcoin and everything you need to know to be able to distinguish fact from fiction when reading claims about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We now have the conceptual foundation needed to develop secure software that interacts with the Bitcoin network. You can also incorporate Bitcoin ideas into your own projects.

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